Lab Tester

Job Description

The Lab Tester is responsible for ensuring the refinery finished products and unit streams meet their product specifications by performing analytical testing and certifying finished product reports.  This person is responsible for the overseeing equipment and instrumentation operation and conducting or coordinating necessary maintenance and repairs and administering the Kern Lab Quality Control Program. 

Essential Functions

  • Maintain a good housekeeping and safe work practices in the laboratory. 
  • Properly prioritize work assignments and communicate conflicting deadlines promptly and clearly with Lab Manager and appropriate refinery departments.
  • Conduct the assigned finished product and blend component sampling consistent with Kern testing protocols. 
  • Perform daily ASTM standard testing on lab instruments.
  • Oversee testing the purchased Truck and rail car samples and distribute reports.
  • Certify, file and maintain records for finished product testing reports.
  • Communicate accurate results to proper refinery departments in a timely manner.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of lab instruments such as GCs, Antek/Multi-tek analyzers, Automatic Distillation machines, Flash Point analyzer, knock engines, cetane engine, and etc.
  • Run necessary standards and calibrating checks to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the laboratory equipment and instrumentation.
  • Maintain inventory on lab supplies and materials.
  • Coordinate and follow Kern Quality Control Program.
  • Manage the inter-laboratory cross-check programs.
  • Participate in training of Utility Testers and Chemist as needed.
  • Communicate all issues and concerns to the Lab Manager in a timely manner.
  • All other duties, as assigned.
Marginal/Secondary Functions:
  • Conduct special testing on finished product and special samples as requested.
  • Assist Lab Manager with information requests across the organization as relates to providing technical information and the laboratory function.
  • Facilitate data accessibility and special report requests as assigned.

Work Schedule:
  • This position works a 12-hour rotating shift with Every Other Weekend Off (EOWO)
  • Must be willing to work extended hours when needed, including nights and weekends
  • May be required to work On-Call to resolve equipment issues and/or refinery process upset conditions during off hours

Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry or a related scientific field
  • Minimum one years of experience in an industrial lab environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to multi task and work under pressure to complete work
  • Demonstrated proficiency with laboratory software and instrumentation
  • Demonstrated Microsoft Office skills to effectively and efficiently report and communicate information
  • Comprehend and demonstrate application of utilizing standardized testing methodologies, such as ASTM, UOP, IP and EPA, to create testing protocol


This position offers a competitive compensation rate as full-time hourly employee with full slate of Company benefits (after applicable waiting period) including medical/dental insurance, paid holidays, paid vacation, retirement plan, and 401(k) plan.

To apply, submit a completed application with a current DMV report. 

To be considered, job application must be submitted along with resume.  Excellent pay and benefits.


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