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Kern Oil & Refining Co. is headquartered in Bakersfield, California
with an office located in Long Beach, California, as well.



Senior VP - Operations


Chief Financial Officer


  Jennifer Haley   


 David McCoy


 Robert W. Winchester



Company History & Highlights

1934 – The refinery was originally constructed and put into operation by El Tejon Oil & Refining Co. The first unit was a 1,400 barrels per day crude unit.

1937 – A 2,200 barrels per day thermal cracking unit began operation.

1943 - The refinery was purchased by Kreiger Oil Company of Paramount, California, and operated under the name, Palos Verdes Estates.

1945 - The name Palos Verdes Estates was dropped and the refinery name was changed to Douglas Oil Company of California.

1962 - Continental Oil purchased the refinery from Douglas Oil Company.

1966 - Continental Oil sold the refinery to Edgington Oil & Refining Co. and Signal Oil & Gas, a joint ownership. The name of the refinery was also changed to Kern County Refinery, Inc.

1971 - Charter Oil Company of Jacksonville, Florida, acquired the refinery and operated the plant through a subsidiary named Kern County Refinery, Inc.

1976 – In March, Kern County Refinery, Inc. sold the refinery assets, including the right to use the name Kern County Refinery, Inc., to a privately held company, who later changed its name to Kern County Refinery, Inc.

1982 - The company changed its name to Kern Oil & Refining Co., and the refinery has since operated under that name and remained privately held.

1993 - To meet Federal and California regulatory changes for fuel specifications, a new diesel hydroprocessing unit and a new sulfur plant began operation.

1996 - New California regulatory changes to gasoline specifications resulted in modifications to existing refinery units and the construction of new reformulated gasoline equipment.

2002 - Kern installed and went on-line with a new cogeneration unit.

2003 – Additional new California reformulated gasoline regulations were implemented and production commenced.

2006 – Kern’s Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Project was completed and began operation in late May.  This project was the largest undertaking in the company’s history and included new sulfur recovery and hydrogen production units, as well as upgrades to the existing hydroprocessing units.